Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Church Updates!

This is an email we just received from Pastor K.B.  We wanted to share it with you since you all help to make this happen, whether it be through prayers or financial support, great is YOUR reward as well! To see all the wonderful pictures go to the album on our Facebook page or CLICK HERE 
 Be blessed....

Dearest Friends Ps. David and Rhonda,
Greetings and lots of love !
It was such a joy to talk to Pastor David on phone today and to say Happy Birthday on phone. We every one here are so exited to with you happy birthday and praying for you pastor David. And give you news that "Radio Morning Star" is in the air today ! Hallelujah ! Thank you so much for your fervent prayers and sacrificial contribution on it dear friends and standing with us continually. I will write about it later, but I just would like to send you a short update about new Church buildings inauguration that I was always missing and failing it to post.

Subash with white shirt between his parents and his wife
with red scarf in front of newly built chicken house
1) Sandesh Church Shovanagar, Bardiya: This church was started almost 3 years ago by a miracle of dead man (Aaitawari Tharu) raised, he was the first convert and then many came to the Lord by this gracious miracle of the Lord. And many other miracles of healing done by the powerful hand of our Lord. New Church Building built and inaugurated in the morning of 26th of June. Sushila and I went to inauguration service there. The building is built with bricks wall, and plastered the walls with mud and tin room supported by good timbers. This newly built decent building can hold about 250 adult people. Subash Tharu is pastoring this church. He has graduated from our bible school (CLS) last year and married also last year. You both were there in his wedding I think.
2) Sandesh Church Ghurbitta: This church started about 6 years ago. Pastor Paul Tharu is pastoring this congregation. This building is built so nice, good and specious. Built with bricks walls, tin roof supported timbers. This building was inaugurated in the afternoon of 26 June. Sushila and I went to this service, and we inaugurated both Church buildings (Shovanagar and Ghurbitta) on the same day. It was so hot and humid, sweating so much, but we were so much happy and joyful to with all of our brothers and sisters who were also happy and thankful to the Lord for new church building. 

3) Sandesh Church Bhiliniya, Banke: This church was started about 7 years ago, Dil Kumari is pastoring this congregation is growing with well steady. This is so decent and strong, built with stones walls and plastered with mud. The roof is tin and timber supported.
We inaugurated this church building on 28th June, Friday. It was so hard for us to reach there, because already we have fixed this day of inauguration and from early morning it was raining continually, Tularam helped us taking there by jeep, and it was so hard for him to take jeep there. Mohan, Dakt, Suresh, Tularam went there with Sushila and me to the inauguration service. It was so wonderful and blessed day to be with our brothers and sisters of there who were very very happy and thankful to the Lord for their new Church building in a poor and backward village. In spite of all problem of muddy and slippery road and humid and sweating we were all excited and full of joy.

Thank you pastor David and Rhonda for you prayers and contribution of building these Church building in poor and needy villages. Great is your rewards !
Yours best friends and Co-workers:
K.B. & Sushila Basel
Gospel Assembly Nepal

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