Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nepal Updates

Here are a couple updates from Pastor KB in Nepal...

Dear Ps. David and Rhonda, 
I was so much blessed to talk to you yesterday night. Thank you so much for your precious time and phone call and prayers. We are going to have a couple seminars tomorrow and day after tomorrow, Rick will do this seminar. 
I am attaching a few pictures of new church building of Aunri village church of Bardiya. The new church building was inaugurated on September 6 this year. We also have 4 new church buildings of Bardiya and Dang, I need to get the pictures of them all and will send you soon later. 
Thank you so much for your sweet letter dear pastor Rhonda. 
We are all doing well, thank you so much for your prayers. 
Blessings and lots of thanks. 
For His Glory and Kingdom


Dear Ps. David and Rhonda, Almost every day many girls and boys are rescued from Gan-Nepal booth located near Indo-Nepal border. Yesterday also they brought 2 girls and 1 boy from there. They are from mountain near by Kathmandu, it is north west remote mountainous district called Dhading and VDC is called Jharlang-2. This is the place of Tamang tribal people in Nepal. So these 2 girls: Premika Tamang-16 years old (wearing read sweater), other one girl is: Man Maya Tamang -13 years old she is wearing purple color dress and boy is: Bom Bahadur Tamang-12 years old, he is wearing check shirt. All of them are from same village. And small girl Man Maya Tamang and boy Bom Bahadur Tamang are family related. Some agent who supply girls to brothel in Indian city and child labor to the factory of Indian big city gave false dream of providing them good joy opportunity to them and to their parents. So the agent offered 19,000/- nepali rupees to their parents in total. So parents send them with the agents. As they were trying to cross the border, our Gan-Nepal staff wanted to inquire about them and brought them to the booth and began to do cross questions with girls, boy and agents. The agents went away from there leaving those girls and boy to the booth. Gan-Nepal staff gave them serious counselling regarding all the risks factors while going with agents in India. Their eyes were open then. They were brought to Gan-Nepal office and kept for a while. So since Gan-Nepal doesn't have safe house and need someone's help. There is another secular organisation working among children in risk. While I was going to Rupaidiya I have seen 2 boys who were also rescued from the hand of agents last week. Our staff said almost every day they are rescuing girls and boys but not able to help them fully keeping them with us for some time, heal them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, pray for them and share the love of Christ. We are not able to do this because we don't have the safe house yet. So we need to pray about it seriously. 
I have attached their photos to this email.  
Blessings and thanks. 
For His Glory and Kingdom: