David & Rhonda Knox
 have been missionaries since 2000. They have two daughters, Holly and Summer, son in law Chris Brookhouser and one granddaughter, Macy Rayn.

Their vision is to train missionaries to send into a world longing to know the true and living God
This is their story of faith, love, and reaching out to those half a world away.
    Our lives have not been the same since the day we stepped out in faith as full time missionaries. It was a travel pamphlet that my dad gave to my husband David that lured us to Nepal.
David went to Nepal to trek into the tallest mountains in the world, the Himalayas, planning to show the Jesus film to remote villages along the way. He saw many souls saved, but as he left the new believers he knew something was missing. Who would stay with them to teach them about The Living God that they gave their lives to?

In 2003 David received word from the Nepali man who had been his guide during his trek to Nepal. He told him about a couple in western Nepal by the names of KB and Sushila Basel who were from Nepalgunj, a region notoriously known as "the armpit of Nepal" for its extreme heat and filth. He explained that the Basels were pastoring a church whose congregation was growing rapidly, and that they were looking for people willing to be a part of their ministry.

David and I left for the other side of the world. We were going to be living there for 3 months. We had no idea what to expect when we arrived; We did not know these people and they did not know us. Our lives were about to change drastically.

When we met with KB and Sushila in 2003, we discovered that they had 23 daughter churches, none of which had a building to meet in.  As of 2012 they now have over 130 church plants. The number increases on a monthly basis. With the help of our supporters we have helped build 50 plus buildings for these church plants.   The cost to buy land and build a church is around 4000.00 dollars. We send money to them every month to provide the village pastors with an income, as well as buying bikes, water wells, motorcycles, goats, pigs and chickens to help them support their church and people in their villages. The average income per capita is just $200.00 a year. Jesus said, "When you help them you have helped me." 

About K.B and Sushila
KB and Sushila ran away and married when he was 19 and she was 15 years old. Both were Hindus, but the living God was about to change their life drastically!

Two years later, KB's dad shared the Gospel with Sushila and she received Jesus, shortly after KB accepted Jesus. They were both hungry to know more and left for Bible school in India. By this time, they had two sons, Vikas and Prakash. They were living by faith through this time. Sushila found a job at the library and her paycheck would help send her husband to Bible School and her boys school. At times, that wasn't enough and they couldn't buy food. People that worked in the lunch room didn't have the heart to see them all starve so they were given leftovers at the back door every evening. God gave them more than enough and they watched as He supplied all their needs.

In 1995, they moved back to Nepal. God told them to go to Nepalgunj. They started their own church with just the four of them. The boys would lead praise and worship and KB would preach to Sushila and their two sons. This went on for several weeks, but when they started going out and witnessing, people started coming to their little room.

Today in Nepalgunj, over 13 years later, KB and Sushila have a beautiful church with over 300 people coming weekly! They also have several daughter churches.

Not a week goes by that this couple does not see souls saved for the Kingdom of God. They are simply doing what the Bible tells them to do. Nepal is changing rapidly!


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