Monday, August 13, 2012

Flood Relief Update

Here is an update from Pastor K.B. regarding the flood relief in the Dang district of Nepal. Thank you to those who gave towards helping those devastated by the flood and to those who would still like to give towards the work and supplies still needed, you can send your check to..
Grove Christian Center
P.O. Box 450997

Grove, OK. 74344

memo: flood relief

Dear friends,
Relief distribution to the flood victims of Deukhuri, Dang district people went so blessed. Brother Mohan send me short update about it yesterday (9th) morning that all the pastors, leaders and believers of Deukhuri region of Dang district Gospel Assembly churches participated so actively. In spite of all of their scarcities, and affected by flood to their crops and house all gave sacrificially to their neighbours out of Christian love.
The leaders did a detailed survey in the flood affected villages and selected 52 families who are affected so devastatingly among all other flood affected families. On Monday (6th) our churches of Deukhuri prepared nice meal and fed over 400 people who were not able to get or prepare food at their house. Then on 8th of Aug they had a distribution program at Baruwagaun village Church. They started program 10:00 am, all the people were able to come up to the distribution spot. Sang a few song, read from the Bible Matthew 22:39 "You shall love your neighbour as yourself". And Mohan and some local pastors spoke about the love of God towards all the people there. The very love of Christ compelled them to share what they have with their neighbours. They distributed gospel tracts to them and prayed for their people, village, district and nation of Nepal. Then distributed the food what they collected. They gave rice-about 30 kg, potatoes- about 5 kg, cooking oil-1 lit, and Salt-1 kg. All the people who came to receive relief were so touched and happy. They shared that they have not seen such thing among any people in life. 3 people came front and asked pastors to help them to receive Jesus in their life and they received Christ in front of all people there. It was such a great moment for all the people. There were 12 Christians families who also came to receive relief donation, because they were affected so severely and lost every things of their house. And all the leaders distributed relief equally without any discrimination, but they have record of family and gave more or double amount to the bigger families.
This sacrificial love giving has impacted the heart of their neighbours immensely, and will bless their life and Church we believe. Great is their rewards !  
Thank you friends for your continual prayers.
K.B. Basel

Saturday, August 4, 2012


We received word from Pastor KB that the area of Dang was devastated by floods last month and just when they were trying to rebuild, the flooding started again. The worst it's been in 51 years. The flood affected 5 villages, damaged 150 houses and 50 houses are beyond repair. They have lost their food (rice, wheat, dal, etc.) cloths, cots, dresses, utensils, livestocks (sheep, goats, pigs, chickens.) They could only save their life by climbing on roofs and in trees. Even there they were not safe as many poisonous snakes were going to the roofs as well. A woman, Sushila Tharu, said "it was terrible, we just closed our eyes and God saved us."
As of Aug. 3rd, the floods are getting bad again. The army and rescue teams have gone in and one rescue person drowned.  Another man from a village drowned as well. Pastor KB says "Things are getting risky. We need to help them at this time of difficulties and loss providing as a relief. We are going to have emergency collection of food, cloths, money and what ever we can. We need to help all without discrimination as possible through Gan-Nepal and local churches of Dang."

If you would like to help the people of Dang rebuild and replenish, please make checks to
 Grove Christian Center
P.O. Box 450997
Grove, OK. 74344
Please include a note or memo designating for the flood in Dang.

 Sushila Tharu stands in front of her damaged home.