Saturday, August 4, 2012


We received word from Pastor KB that the area of Dang was devastated by floods last month and just when they were trying to rebuild, the flooding started again. The worst it's been in 51 years. The flood affected 5 villages, damaged 150 houses and 50 houses are beyond repair. They have lost their food (rice, wheat, dal, etc.) cloths, cots, dresses, utensils, livestocks (sheep, goats, pigs, chickens.) They could only save their life by climbing on roofs and in trees. Even there they were not safe as many poisonous snakes were going to the roofs as well. A woman, Sushila Tharu, said "it was terrible, we just closed our eyes and God saved us."
As of Aug. 3rd, the floods are getting bad again. The army and rescue teams have gone in and one rescue person drowned.  Another man from a village drowned as well. Pastor KB says "Things are getting risky. We need to help them at this time of difficulties and loss providing as a relief. We are going to have emergency collection of food, cloths, money and what ever we can. We need to help all without discrimination as possible through Gan-Nepal and local churches of Dang."

If you would like to help the people of Dang rebuild and replenish, please make checks to
 Grove Christian Center
P.O. Box 450997
Grove, OK. 74344
Please include a note or memo designating for the flood in Dang.

 Sushila Tharu stands in front of her damaged home.

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