Monday, May 3, 2010

Our trip to Israel was amazing. David said it best when he said, "The Word of God is now in color." No longer do we see the scriptures in black in white. Walking where Jesus walked and seeing all the place's we saw is life changing. I don't know how you can live there and not be a true believer in Jesus Christ. When we stood outside of Peter's house, I stood there alone for a while just imagining Jesus staying there with Peter and going there that day to heal Peter's mother-in-law. My feet tingled as I stood there talking to God.
When we took a boat out on the sea of Galilee, once again all I could think of was Peter and Jesus walking on that very water we were on.
My Dad was right when he spoke his last words of his life. "We serve an AWESOME God."

on top of Masada

standing on the mt. of olives

David baptising Rhonda in the Jordan River

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